This post is related to the recently delivered session of “Bring your content with you using PnP Page Transformation” at Scottish Summit 2022. For those that watched the session, I hope you enjoyed this and the conference, for me this is my second in-person conference which I had the privilege of volunteering and speaking at.

Going back to the session, if you are interested in using the PnP Modernization tooling, so here are some resources to get you started:


What is the difference between PnP Modernization and PnP Page Transformation?

PnP Page transformation is one of the tools in the PnP Modernization project, that specifically performs the transformation of the pages. There is another tool called “PnP Modernization Scanner” that is designed to scan your tenant and find opportunities to uplift workflows, sites and team site with the classic experience still in use.

I have an issue with transforming, where can I get help?

The tooling in undergoing changes, at the moment, there are few repos for different parts of the tool as part of the upgrades.

All issues are handled on GitHub

Please include details about the scenario, use the logging options of the tool to get the error and post which version you are using.

How do I control the layout of modern pages?

With modern pages, you no longer have the ability to edit the custom master pages or page layouts, but you can still set which sections and columns to place the transform web parts into.

This applies to Publishing Pages only, there is a XML mapping file that will allow you to control what parts get transformed and where they go.

For more detail on the mapping, check out the documentation at: Understanding the layout transformation | Microsoft Docs

Where is the source code for PnP Modernization found?

If you want to review or contribute to the modernization tooling the source code can be found in the following locations:

In GitHub:

Wrapping Up

Thank you hope you enjoyed the session and post. If you want to reach out, please contact me via Twitter, my handle is @pkbullock and feel free to send a Direct Message.