Are you testing SharePoint multi-lingual features? And want a quick way to switch languages on a site for a particular user or yourself; this can be useful when testing the modern multi-lingual features in SharePoint if you want to check the quality of the pages translated.

A while ago I created a page that can serve as a reference for the codes for each language within SharePoint, mainly so I can refer to this quickly, especially during the MSDN to Microsoft Docs transition where some reference material wasn’t easy to find. Check this out: Reference SharePoint Online Languages

You can set the language preferences in your user profile, by going to Delve > Update Profile > “ How can I change my language and regional settings ?” > Click “…” > Language and Region settings, so a few steps to get to these options. The change of preference can take a few minutes to propagate to all the sites in the tenant. Too slow for a quick play or testing language scenarios.

Screenshot of an English modern SharePoint site

Screenshot of an English modern SharePoint site

Before applying script in English

I have written a script that changes the MUI setting for a user within the User Information List to update the user with the appropriate language tag. Check out this code sample below to achieve this:

Connect-PnPOnline https://<tenant><site>
Get-PnPListItem -List "User Information List" -Id 7 # Me

# -OR- #

$userEmail = ""
$CamlQuery = @"
                <FieldRef Name='EMail' />
                <Value Type='Text'>$userEmail</Value>

$item = Get-PnPListItem -List "User Information List" -Query $CamlQuery

$item["MUILanguages"] = "cy-GB" #"en-GB"
Screenshot of an Welsh modern SharePoint site

Screenshot of an Welsh modern SharePoint site

After Applying script in Welsh

Sharing is Caring, Enjoy!